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- When my husband and I decided to move back to the area we used Rayce Lucas as our realtor.

Honestly, he is the BEST REALTOR I have ever worked with (this was our third home purchase, so we've worked with a few realtors over the years). We lived out of the area and Rayce was phenomenal at helping vet properties we were interested in. He'd give us all the details, go out and look at the property himself (because we were 100 miles away) and from there we would decide if it was something we wanted to view in person. I fully trusted Rayce through this process because of his extensive experience in the industry. He's done it all. He has experience in financing, sales, appraising and underwriting of single family homes, multiple family units, residential lots and he's also rehabbed single family homes. Rayce was in our corner, with unmatched enthusiasm, I might add, every step of the process. If your're looking for a realtor who you can put 100% trust in, I highly recommend Rayce. My family and I are in our dream home now and we wouldn't be there without the guidance of Rayce. He is truly remarkable.

M. Sabich

“Rayce Lucas is the best realtor I have ever worked with.

He is trustworthy, hardworking, and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of a real estate deal. My wife and I were looking to move our family back to the area and sat down with him to give him a better idea of what we were looking for. The next day he came back to us with options that fit our wish list and budget. I could always trust that Rayce was looking out for our best interests and not just trying to get us into a house. When a house would fit our criteria, Rayce would go out and assess the home before we saw it, to make sure we had all of the info we needed to make the right decision. Rayce has 5 star service. He has also been an appraiser, mortgage lender, house flipper, and everything else under the realty umbrella, so he is a plethora of knowledge. He helped us make the right decision on a house we love. Our experience was bar none the best we have ever had. My family and I would not be in this home that we love if it were not for Rayce Lucas!”

Mike S.

“I loved working with Rayce Lucas.

Rayce’s expert knowledge in all aspects of real estate is beyond compare! I would recomment Rayce to anyone wanting a true professional who will have your best interest in mind at all times. It doesn’t hurt that he is also patient, kind, and willing to work hard for you.”

M. Chellew

“Finest example of what we as human beings should strive to be… genuine, helpful, that is RAYCE LUCAS!

M.&L. Horan

Rayce has done an excellent job on two purchases with me.

Very thorough and punctual. He was very responsive and gave great suggestions. Thanks Rayce!

Brian Barrington

“Rayce Lucas did a tremendous job.

Rayce understood my goal, timeline, and particular needs in the sale of this property, as well as my hectic schedule and other constraints and worked with me in a collaborative way that was very effective. Rayce managed all of the items that I needed him to manage, and understood and took my suggestions and input where applicable. It was a great working relationship that resulted in a fast and efficient sale. Rayce was very professional, knowledgeable, and would make time to communicate with me at any house that fit my schedule. Rayce is a great guy, and my wife and I felt very comfortable and confident that Rayce was the very best option for selling our home, and he delivered. I would recommend Rayce Lucas to anyone interested in selling or buying a home. He worked hard to meet our goals, understood our needs and handled everything we needed in a smooth, experienced, professional, communicative and efficient manner.”

R&D Tompkins

I chose Rayce because of previous comments from customers who spoke on his work ethic.

I found them to be completely true. He looked at every home we mentioned and provided his opinion based on our desires, for we lived hours away. Then he brought us to a home we hadn’t considered and immediately fell in love with and purchased. This only happened because Rayce listened to my wife and I and worked tirelessly to find a home that filled our wish list of desires. THANK YOU RAYCE!

T. Cooke - Auburn, CA

"Rayce Lucas was very helpful with the sale of our home.

Since we were absent owners, Rayce helped us with all the details and recommendations to get the home prepared for sale. Rayce went over and above the call of duty to meet inspectors and chores needed to get the property ready. We highly recommend him !!!" P H

P. Henderson

"Rayce was a very overall knowledgeable realtor who represented us well and look out for us and our well-being.

We were very happy with him and would use him again"

B. Chapman Shingle Springs

“Rayce was very nice to work with.

Patient in understanding the unique property issues and issues with regards to a Trust Sale.”

Marilyn Stinson

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